How can I register?

  1. Going directly to the 1/6 H Cazzago store until the day before the race
  2. The same day of the event directly at the Scaltenigo parish camp starting at 7:00 am at the special check-out desks with staff

How do you sign up for the race day?

  1. You will have to fill out the flyers that have the appropriate space on the back
  2. Once the form / flyer has been delivered to the cash desks and payment has been made, the employee will issue you with the insurance coupon (if you were not already a FIASP member) and the bib number
  3. To be able to collect the technical jersey (which will be available for all members until exhaustion) the runner will have to go to the special stand dedicated to the delivery of the jerseys by showing the bib number
  4. Once completed for all registration operations, the race will be started
  5. The start will take place in 3 moments in the order: first the runners of the 21 km, then those of the 10km and finally the runners of the 5km

For more information, please call +393286599007

The A.S.D Sport Lusore wishes everyone a good time!